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Troubling Times and Your LSA: Are Your Rights Safe in Louisiana?

For years we have heard from those who hate our Civil Rights protected under the Second Amendment, “We are not coming for your guns. We only want common sense gun laws.” However, President-Elect Joe Biden’s Twitter message to former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords made it crystal clear: Biden pledged to work with Giffords on her extremist gun control agenda, and promised to “defeat the NRA.” In response, Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) founder and Executive Vice-President Alan M. Gottlieb said “Joe Biden has labored relentlessly for decades to reduce the Second Amendment to rubble. He may attack one group by name, but his goal is to crush the rights of every gun owner in our country.” [Click here for more on Gottlieb’s response]

We are all thankful for organizations like the NRA and the SAF that work at the National level to defeat the emotional and uninformed anti-Civil Rights politicians like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. For many years, most Louisianians have felt safe under the protection of these National pro-Second Amendment organizations. But, with the influx of money and outside influence from the staunch anti-Civil Rights Michael Bloomberg, Louisiana State Politicians have become emboldened in their attempts to limit your rights. Two years ago, Democrats in the State House proposed bill after bill that came directly from the playbook of the Bloomberg-financed Everytown for Gun Safety. Everytown was created in 2013 when Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America joined forces. Everytown for Gun Safety is largely financed by Michael Bloomberg.

Your best defense against the loss of your Second Amendment Rights in Louisiana is a strong LSA. The LSA is laser focused on your Civil Rights protected under the Second Amendment. Although we closely monitor National laws, 100% of our efforts are in Louisiana. The LSA works with pro-Second Amendment legislators to craft laws that protect your rights to buy guns here. The LSA helps legislators on both sides of the aisle to craft anti-crime legislation that will not inadvertently (or purposefully) harm your rights. The LSA works tirelessly to defeat any and all legislation that would harm your protected right to keep and bear arms.

Your membership is crucial, because politicians are influenced by numbers. A large LSA demonstrates a strong commitment by the Citizens of Louisiana for the preservation of their Civil Rights protected by the Second Amendment. Membership is only $15 per year! If you are already a member, consider giving a friend a membership in the LSA.

Your continued support is critical for our mission.