Candidates for 2021 Election of Directors

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Ron Duplessis: Incumbent Director; Life Member of LSA; Life Member of NRA; Owner , President of several rifle and barrel manufacturing companies, including Carbon Six Barrels, Carbon Six Rifles, Mcgowen Precision Barrels, and Precision Cut Barrels, with plans to bring three different rifles and seven models to market in 2021; owns patent for the three lug bolt action rifle (Pat. No. 7975417); manufacturer that works with the National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF) and displays at the SHOT Show; Range Owner; accomplished shotgun shooter; extensive legislative and bill writing experience

John Grout: Incumbent Alternate Director; no information provided by candidate

Jay D. Hunt, III: Incumbent Director and Treasurer; First elected to LSA Board in 2006; Treasurer since 2008; Life Member of LSA; Benefactor Member of NRA; Life Member of Second Amendment Foundation; Life Member of Safari Club International; Hunter Education Instructor; NRA Range Safety Officer; former High Power Rifle Master level competitive shooter and Junior shooting coach; Retired Range Safety Officer and former Board member for Honey Island Shooting Range; Staunch supporter of Second Amendment Rights

Ronald “Buck” Kliebert: Incumbent Director; First elected to LSA Board in 2009; Member of the NRA; former Louisiana State High Power Rifle Team member from 2006-2011; Jr. High Power Rifle Coach; active competitive shooter holding NRA classifications in High Power Rifle (Master), Long Range Prone (Master), Mid-Range Prone (High Master) and Small Bore Prone (Expert); Staunch supporter of our Second Amendment Rights and would like to continue serving you as a director on the LSA board

Paul Prokop: Incumbent Director and Secretary; First elected to LSA board in 2012; Secretary since 2012; Life member of LSA; Benefactor member of NRA; High Power Rifle Master level competitive shooter; Retired Coast Guard Captain (O-6)

David J. Ramey: Incumbent Alternate Director; Life Member of LSA; Benefactor and Golden Eagle Member of NRA; LA CHP and Hunter Ed Instructor; Retired Range Safety Officer and former Board member for Honey Island Shooting Range; currently working as compliance officer and in-house Trainer/Instructor at Jefferson Gun Outlet & Indoor Range; Supported the Second Amendment in several states in the past when employed there

Ted A. Torres, III:  Served on the board of directors for the Louisiana Shooting Association from 2012 to 2019.  Served as the match director for NRA F-class and Field Precision Rifle competitions at Palo Alto Rifle and Pistol Club 2011-2015.  Previous owner of Ritten Precision, LLC specializing in building and accurizing of competition and long-range hunting rifles.  Passionate hunter and dedicated supporter of 2A rights.

Dwayne Vidrine: Incumbent Director;  First elected to the LSA Board in 2018; Life member of the LSA; benefactor member of the NRA; Registered Professional Engineer #25201, State of Louisiana; Member of the Palo Alt Rifle & Pistol Club and the Southeast Louisiana High Power Rifle Club; Active High Power Rifle and service pistol competitive shooter; Distinguished Rifleman #2276.; Staunch supporter of our Second Amendment Rights.

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