HB209: Horrible Bill Must be Killed

On Tuesday, April 12, Rep. Landry voluntarily deferred her HORRIBLE bill because we had so much opposition at the hearing. The bill is being brought back in front of the House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice on Tuesday, April 19 in Committee Room 6 starting at 9:30 AM.
Please. TODAY, send an email (see below).
If you can come to the hearing, your presence in the room will have a huge impact on the committee members. We need bodies in the room! When you arrive in the room, ask the security guard for a red card. Complete the red card in opposition to HB209 and hand it back to the guard.
HB209 by Rep. Mandle Landry (Dem., New Orleans) This is an absolutely HORRIBLE bill and must be killed. This bill is designed to remove the preemption protections under current laws. It would allow the 367 local governing entities throughout the state to make their own firearms laws. A law abiding citizen could easily violate a law simply by driving his or her car across a municipality border without an intent to do so. This law is an awful idea!
Right now, but absolutely no later than Monday, Aoril 18 by Noon send this email to h-acrj@legis.la.gov and also to weinmans@legis.la.gov
Subject: Opposition to HB209
Dear Mr. Committee Member,
I STRONGLY OPPOSE HB209. Under current law, the governing authority of a political subdivision is prohibited from enacting any ordinance or regulation more restrictive than state law concerning in any way the sale, purchase, possession, ownership, transfer, transportation, license, or registration of firearms, ammunition, or components of firearms or ammunition. The proposed law would change this and allow a patchwork of laws throughout the state. A law abiding citizen could easily violate the law by simply crossing a border into a different municipality. This is a horrible idea. Please join me in opposing this bill.
[Insert your name]
[Insert your mailing address]
If you have time to call the members of the committee, please do. BE POLITE! State your opposition and tell them why. Ask them if they will oppose HB209 at the hearing.
Bacala, Tony District 59 R  Email (225) 677-8020
Bryant, Marcus Anthony District 96 D Email (337) 373-9380
Fontenot, Bryan District 55 R Email (985) 447-0999
Garofalo, Raymond E. District 103 R Email (504) 277-4729
Goudeau, I, Jonathan District 31 R Email (337) 347-7077
Marcelle, C. Denise District 61 D Email (225) 359-9362
Marino, III, Joseph A. District 85 I  Email  (504) 361-6013
McCormick, Danny District 1 R Email (318) 995-8040
McKnight, Scott District 68 R Email (225) 465-5703
Muscarello, Nicholas District 86 R Email (985) 974-0009
Nelson, Richard District 89 R Email (985) 222-2638
Seabaugh, Alan District 5 R Email (318) 676-7990
Villio, Debbie District 79 R Email (504) 468-8603

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