SB212 is a BAD BILL! Take Action Now!

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The Senate Committee on Judiciary C will hear SB212 by Sen. Royce Duplessis (D, New Orleans) tomorrow. This bill is a so called “Red Flag” bill. If this bill becomes law, your Civil Rights will be violated without due process and your property can and will be seized. This is a BAD BILL!

Please attend the hearing tomorrow, May 2, 2023, at 10:00 AM in Room F if possible.

Also, TODAY, send a copy of the following email to Chairman Franklin Foli lodging your opposition to SB212.


Subject: Opposition to SB212

Dear Chairman Foli,

I strongly OPPOSE Sen. Royce Dupliessis’ bill, SB212 on the grounds that if it were to become law, it would violate the Civil Rights of Citizens without due process. In addition, it would result of the seizure of personal property from law abiding Citizens.

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