What’s the Relationship between the LSA and the NRA?

One of the most common questions we get is, “Does the money I donate to the LSA end up at the NRA?” The answer is easy: NO. The money you donate to the LSA through dues, donations, the purchase of merchandise, or the purchase of raffle tickets stays right here in Louisiana to protect your enumerated civil right to keep and bear arms. Period.

The LSA has been the official NRA-affiliated state association since it was incorporated in March 1966. It is recognized under IRS section 501(c)4 as a federally tax-exempt, not-for-profit Social Welfare Organization. The volunteers who run your state association exert tremendous effort in lobbying the Louisiana Legislature to ensure that they do not trample on your constitutional rights. The seeking of legislation germane to the organization’s programs is a permissible means of attaining social welfare purposes. Thus, a section 501(c)(4) social welfare organization may further its tax-exempt purposes through lobbying as its sole or primary activity without jeopardizing its exempt status. And although lobbying is not our sole or primary purpose, WE DO A LOT OF LOBBYING!

The objectives of the LSA are stated in the corporations By-Laws.

The detailed objectives of this Association include, but are not limited to the following:

(a)  The protection and defense of the inalienable constitutional right of the individual American citizen to acquire, transport, possess, carry, and transfer ownership of arms, in order that the people may exercise their right to self-preservation and defense of family, person, and property, as well as defend the nation and the individual liberty of its citizens.

(b) The promotion of marksmanship practice both as a sport and as a fundamental aspect of national defense.

(c)  The promotion of all shooting sports.

(d) The encouragement of the acceptance of marksmanship as a major competitive sport in the state’s publicly and privately endowed school systems, both secondary and collegiate.

(e)  To assist in the planning, construction, acquisition, and preservation of civilian and publicly-owned shooting ranges of all types.

(f)  To support the Civilian Marksmanship Program of the Department of Defense, and to encourage member clubs to enroll and participate in that program.

(g) The promotion of the highest degree of sportsmanship and good fellowship among the membership of the Association, and to prevent the occurrence or tolerance of unsportsmanlike conduct.

(h) The promotion of the conservation and wise use of our wildlife and other natural resources and cooperate with conservation organizations.

So, if you’ve been reticent to join the LSA because you were worried that your money would end up in Washington, DC in the pockets of the NRA, worry not! The LSA has your back right here at home in Louisiana and has since 1966!

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