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I take the pill on time, as directed, every month. Last Sunday I began taking Sulfamethoxazole-TMP (generic DS) to treat a urinary tract infection. I have continued to take my birth control pills every day on schedule, but I was advised to use a back up method of birth control, as is standard.

Please note that we recently improved our membership database abilities. This will require everyone to create a new account. When you click the buttons below you will be taken to our new database system. The system is much more powerful than what the LSA has used in the past.

The LSA has two basic types of memberships: (1) Individual Memberships and (2) Club Memberships.

Individual Membership (Annual Member or Life Member) is for people of any age. The Junior Membership is specifically for people aged 20 years or less and is designed so that the whole family can join without breaking the bank.

Club Membership is not for people, but for Gun Clubs, Hunting Clubs, Gun Stores, or any other group of people who support the mission of the LSA. Think of the Club Membership as a membership for organizations. The LSA fights for your club’s or store’s ability to enjoy your Second Amendment rights. Clubs who join the LSA have the ability to host NRA-Sponsored State Championships.

If you are an individual trying to join or renew your membership in the LSA, please choose Individual Membership.