Big Changes are Coming for LSA’s On-line Platforms

After a number of years with our current on-line platform, the LSA is upgrading our systems. This will mean changes for you!

  • We will be adopting new, more advanced enterprise software. For the previous several years, the LSA has maintained our membership data using gomembers OnDemand enterprise software. When you renewed your membership on-line or purchased items from our on-line store, you were taken to their server. This software worked well, but the developers of the software have not made any improvements to the platform in many years. This forces the LSA to use to process credit cards, Gulf Coast Web to host our website, and Constant Contact to send out our emails to our members. All of these, of course, cost your Association money.
  • We are switching to StarChapter soon. StarChapter will host our membership rosters, serve as our enterprise on-line store, process our credit cards, serve as our email marketing platform, and host our integrated website all for a monthly fee that will be less than the combined costs of all of our other platforms.
  • So, what does this mean for you? At some point in the near future we will lock our membership roster. You won’t be able to join or renew during this short period while we transfer our records to our new software. After that, you will receive an email from us facilitating your logging in to your new account. We often get asked about an auto-renewal option for memberships. With our current platform, that is not possible. With the new StarChapter software, we will be able to accommodate those who want that ability.

We don’t yet have a timeline for these changes, but it will be in the first quarter of 2024 and we’ll be sure to keep you informed on our progress.

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