LSA Endorsements for 2023 Elections


OCTOBER 14, 2023

Early Voting September 30, 2023 to October 7, 2023

The Louisiana Shooting Association is proud to endorse the following candidates for their steadfast support of the right to keep and bear arms:

Senate District 9 – Senator Cameron Henry for re-election

Senate District 10 – Senator Kirk Talbot for re-election

Senate District 12 – Senator Beth Mizell for re-election

Senate District 13 – Representative Valarie Hodges for election to the Senate

Senate District 17 – Senator Caleb Kleinpeter for re-election

Senate District 19 – Representative Gregory Miller for election to the Senate

Senate District 22 – Representative Blake Miguez for election to the Senate

Senate District 25 – Senator Mark Abraham for re-election

Senate District 31 – Representative Alan Seabaugh for election to the Senate

House District 01 – Representative Danny McCormick for re-election

House District 09 – Representative Dodie Horton for re-election

House District 20 – Representative Neil Riser for re-election

House District 21 – Representative C. Travis Johnson for re-election

House District 31 – Representative Jonathan Goudeau for re-election

House District 39 – Representative Julie Emerson for re-election

House District 88 – Representative Kathy Edmonston for re-election

The foregoing candidates have earned the Louisiana Shooting Association’s endorsement through their continued support of the 2nd Amendment with their voting records and their willingness to sponsor legislation upholding the right to keep and bear arms.

In addition to the above incumbents, the Louisiana Shooting Association is pleased to endorse the following candidates:

State Representative for House District 76 – Stephanie Berault

State Representative for House District 92 – Mike Sigur

State Representative for House District 94 – Charles Marsala

We look forward to working with Stephanie and Charles on future legislation such as Constitutional Carry, which both have pledged to support.

Please get out and vote on October 14, 2023 for candidates who have demonstrated a willingness to protect your rights.


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